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Daniel Kaniess performed and recorded as the solo entity, Poet 1955, beginning in 1979 by exploring sound and music in unorthodox ways by unorthodox means. 

His composition, “HORN”, was performed by the Twin Cities’ ensemble, Zeitgeist, on March 13, 1999. 

He appeared as part of “The Noise Spectrum” on March 27, 1999, at the Walker Art Center’s Late Night in Gallery 8.

He performed his compositions, “DRAIN” and “Ayler Mystery”, at the Gus Lucky Gallery in November, 2000,.

On January 1st, 2000, premiered his dish/water guitar and trumpaphone.

poet1955at Hell house.jpg

In 2001, he introduced different home made noise makers in different venues.  

With guest performers, he debuted his “Marketing Suite” at Rogue Buddha Gallery in Minneapolis.  This piece was made up of texts and elements that referenced the Fuller Brush Man, Avon Lady, telemarketing and E-marketing respectively.  

In 2002 Daniel  performed at Metro State College and the Soap Factory.

Examples of his work were made available on self-produced cassette tapes under titles such as; The Preoccupation with Tears (1985), Rust in the Engine that Loves (1993), Technosaur (1994), and Bombstar Folk 2000 (1999).

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