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2i was formed in 1980 and performed and recorded regularly until 1986. They played locally and toured in the Midwest and Canada in the 80s, blurring many lines between musical genres. The use of trumpet and saxophones established their unique voice. This horn section appeared with a variety of other groups in performance and in recording, including the Violent Femmes, Boiled in Lead, The Hypstyrz, The Buck-Fifty Boys, Curtis A and Poetry Grenade.

Since 1995 2i performed infrequently but stayed adventurous.  Their public performances were mostly improvisations.  Whether the segments of a performance were guided by the suggestion of musical genre, poetic wordplay, or unexplained titles, the result was a living surprise for audience and musician alike.

While this approach could be cited in the world of music in the work of John Zorn, Material, Tom Waits, Frank Zappa and many others, when churned with the ideals, colloquialisms and passions of the Midwest it took on another patina.

With the passing of Jay McHale in October of 2002, the music that was 2i lost its heart.  Jay’s horn and keyboard involvement was integral to the creation of the sound. 

Daniel Kaniess, singer, guitar & horn player and another founding member of 2i, died in April of 2012.  


Music provided Kaniess, the visual artist, another outlet for his unbounded creativity.

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